Tales of Adventure

Tales of Adventure is a very bold claim to make today. This page might better be called Tales of Modest Adventure, or Outdoor Undertakings, or perhaps just "Canoe Trips I Took" (OK, that might be understating them).

These days everyone and their dog are undertaking crazy adventures. Like the guy and his dog who walked alone across Australia on a crazy adventure. Or Colin Angus, the first guy to circumnavigate the globe by human power.

As we speak there are probably thousands of others undertaking crazy adventures that will push them to the limits of endurance. There are also a plethora of day to day adventurers. I remember how when Terry Fox began his run across Canada for cancer, the nation watched in awe. Thirty five years later there are numerous runners and much less awe. The Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal apparently has a few dozen people a summer show up at their door who are running across Canada for different causes, or simply to reach personal goals.

In this context, the Tales of Adventure below are fairly tame. Even in the most adventurous of them we only cheated death two or three times. Nonetheless, below are a selection of trip reports of some canoe trips I’ve undertaken in the last couple of decades. Some of them certainly seemed adventurous at the time.

Many of these articles are as they appear in Nastawgan, the journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association. If you aren’t already a member of the Wilderness Canoe Association, you should be.