Algonquin Portages

Are you planning a trip to Algonquin Park? If so it might be helpful to virtually walk some of the portages that you have in mind. Or perhaps you just want to vicariously portage through some of the portage trails in Algonquin Park. You can do that here. Below are videos of some of the portages in Algonquin Park. The selection is very far from comprehensive, but hopefully it will be useful and enjoyable to some, and with any luck the selection will grow over time.

The portages are named based upon their starting to finishing points, with the length of the portage at the end. The Algonquin Park canoe routes map can be viewed or purchased from The Friends of Algonquin Park.

With the use of the map it should be easy to identify which videos correspond with which portages. Enjoy.

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